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About Us

What We’re All About

Our organization exists for one reason: we want to provide the best health information on the Internet. This means that we put special emphasis on finding and giving you credible information, with reference material provided, all in a format that is helpful and comfortable. top of all the health content that we create in-house, the site is also dedicated to keeping up with the best health content that can be found elsewhere on the web and getting that information in front of you. We pride ourselves on our expertise in medical review, journalism, commentary, community involvement, and content creation. All these pieces put together to ensure that our site truly stands out from the rest when it comes to helping you.

We built this staff by focusing on what we feel are the most important attributes in the field of medical content production. Our full-time staff is proficient in all of the following fields:

  • Creation and maintenance of medical databases.
  • Creation of health content for public consumption.
  • Creation of supplementary content (graphs, animations) for medical pieces.
  • Community creation and maintenance.
  • Creation of interactive websites and tools.
  • Event planning and execution.

Our staff’s overriding mission uses all of these areas of expertise to come back to our reason for existing: giving you great health information. The training that our staff has acquired is second to none, guaranteed. Best Health Information Provided by ExpertsThe hiring process for the site is rigorous, and we take the time to verify all qualifications, including references from the fields our staff worked in before joining the team. All of this is handled by an outside party, to ensure that bias and favoritism never plays a role in our hiring process. The staff that you’ll be reading from and interacting with have to dedicate their careers to furthering the field of medicine. They truly care about the information that they create and want to see a healthier world in their lifetime. Their integrity is unquestioned.

Integrity is the number one factor in providing health information to the general public online. Creating engaging content that readers WANT to read are right behind integrity. Each piece of content is rigorously edited to deliver the most appropriate experience to each reader. Each piece has a purpose and is written in such a way that the purpose is known to the reader. Our goal is that you never get stuck taking in information that isn’t meant for your situation.