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Understanding Male Hypogonadism

Finding Treatments For Male Hypogonadism

If you fear male hypogonadism, the best step is to consult with your physician and have blood work or a physical Understanding Male Hypogonadismexam  testosterone levels, they will more than likely order more tests to understand the cause. Typical treatments that are usually considered for testosterone replacement therapy or (TRT) come in the form of:

How Healthy Is TRT For The Average Man?

It is not uncommon for almost all men to experience the symptoms of hypogonadism as they age. However, these treatments may not be due to any disease or injury. Some typical symptoms that are felt which are due to the aging process may include:

  • lack of self-confidence or motivation
  • reduction in muscle mass
  • the increase in the amount of body fat
  • lack of sexual desire and loss of sleep

Risks Of Testosterone Therapy

There have been several studies that have all concluded with mixed results as to the actual benefits of TRT to men Understanding Male Hypogonadismduring the aging process. There have been studies that have shown several risks that are associated with this therapy when it is taken over the course of years. This type of research has led many physicians to be overly cautious when recommending it to patients. One of the largest studies was a meta-analysis of 51 studies that was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism which examined at the general safety of TRT. The report stated that TRT is a “low-quality” treatment and does not do enough to inform the public about serious long-term effects. According to the Mayo Clinic, TRT may also be responsible for the following conditions:

  • enlargement of the breasts
  • testicular shrinkage
  • limited sperm production
  • acne and other skin conditions
  • sleep apnea
  • increases the risk of heart disease

There is no doubt that there is a level of concern due to TRT, however, there is a risk that is associated with a low testosterone level as well. This includes a much higher risk to:

  • hip fracture
  • stroke
  • heart attack

If you feel as though you have or at risk for male hypogonadism or a low testosterone level, it is best to talk with your physician about the possibility of TRT. Talk about the risks and benefits associated with your individual case and make the decision that is going to be best for your life. Watch this video for more information:

Alternative Treatments For TRT

One does not have to have hypogonadism just to want to feel more energetic and youthful. The following methods will help to increase your testosterone levels without the need for any hormone treatment.

  • Do your best to keep a healthy weight.
  • Exercise on a regular basis.
  • Get a good nights sleep every night.
  • Use Vitamin D supplement.